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The Interfaith Spiritual Center serves people on a spiritual journey.

We are commited to:

  • Honoring the Wisdom and Truth that come to us from all the faith traditions of the world
  • Nurturing each person's freedom to walk his or her own spiritual path
  • Empowering one another with a deep sense of trust, love, and authenticity
  • Making Spiritual Direction available to all who desire it

If you are a trained spiritual director and interested in joining your practice with colleagues at the Interfaith Spiritual Center,
please contact Oralee Stiles, 503-723-9983. Oralee's email 

If you are a Spiritual Director looking for a Supervisor, please contact Eunice Schroeder at 360-695-4965 Eunice's email

Member of Community of Welcoming Congregations

Partner of Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon

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